We automate your accounting firm processes so you can bring on more clients and take more time off

100’s of apps power our workflows, including your favorite ones.

(And many more… If accountants use it, chances are we have, too.)

Dear accounting firm owner,

You have a growing practice.

But you face some unique challenges over the next 10 years.

  • Accounting talent in SHORT supply 🥶️
  • Technology changing at LIGHTING fast speed ⚡️
  • Competition putting PRESSURE on prices 🥺️

Clients expect more.

Top talent demands work-life balance.

How are you supposed to deliver MORE with LESS human power – while still having a healthy margin?

The answer?


You know this. But with so many tools coming up as “the next big thing”…

You’re pulled in a gazillion directions.


New apps, new plugins, oh my god!

You’re left wondering:

  • “From all this technology hype, what’s useful TODAY?”
  • “Will this be just “one more tool” in the dozens we use?”
  • “What processes can I automate in my firm for maximum productivity?”

We’re here to answer those questions.

Eliminate your firm's inefficiencies

If you’re spending your time:

❌ Speaking to prospects that are vastly unqualified,
❌ Copy/pasting data from one spreadsheet to another,
❌ Reminding unresponsive clients about documents you requested weeks ago

You’re leaving money on the table.

Inefficiencies in your firm make your financials suffer.

Delayed projects decrease revenue.

Decreased team efficiency drives up costs.

And clients become unhappy, making you question your ability to deliver.

Accelerate your firm's growth

What if you invested ALL your time:

✅ Closing pre-qualified prospects,
✅ Nurturing high-value clients,
✅ Developing your team to do great work

No data entry, copy/pasting, or unending client emails.

How much more profitable would your firm be?

Other small firms are growing faster by automating repetitive tasks – and you can too.

Just a taste of our automation work.
Start visualizing what’s possible.

AI-powered client support

Get ChatGPT to provide you with suggested responses to client support questions.

4 hours per week saved

Add transactions instantly

Instantly report transactions in your general ledger from any payment processor.

2 hours per week saved

Get real-time sales numbers

Know exactly where people are in your buying process. See your sales KPIs in real-time.

2 hours per week saved

Get client work lined up

Lay out your action plan, with team members and due dates assigned, as soon as the client signs up.
5 hours per week saved

Save time finding files

Create a folder for clients instantly. Use consistent naming convention – so you never get lost.

3 hours per week saved

Update clients as you go

Wow clients by letting them know the progress as your team checks off tasks.

2 hours per week saved

Get more reviews on autopilot

Ask for feedback as soon as clients get value. Get more 5-star reviews in your Google Profile.

2 hours per week saved

AI-generated, personalized video

Record a video once, and generate personalized, realistic videos forever.
4 hours per week saved
All these can be customized to your specific software stack and needs. And we have a lot more under our sleeves…

Unlock technology’s full potential. Here’s how.

Claim your free analysis

Tell us your apps, your needs, and your pain points. We’ll give you a custom plan with the highest ROI automation opportunities.

We do our automation magic

If you like our plan, we’ll get to work. Within 30 days, you’ll have a troop of digital robots working for you 24/7/365.

Enjoy more free time

Unlock 20 to 50 hours per month of your team’s time. Then choose between more Fridays off or bringing in more clients. It’s up to you!

Automations centered around people – by people who’ve done it

We believe in making your clients – and your staff – lives easier. 

Automation should bend around what’s convenient for people, not the other way around.

That’s why over the last 4 years, we’ve helped small firms (with no free time) save 10,000s of hours for their staff and their clients.

We are a team of certified technology consultants & process automation experts with decades of combined experience. 

You’re not hiring us to learn. We’ve been there and done that.


Tools we've mastered behind the scenes.

Zapier Certified Expert - Opzer
Airtable - Opzer Preferred Platform

Your firm. Your way.

Tailored integration solutions to support your firm at every stage.


  • Software app analysis
  • Ideal software scorecard
  • Process analysis
  • Process automation scorecard
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Software setup plan
  • Process automation flowchart
  • Software setup
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Software app analysis
  • Ideal software scorecard
  • Process analysis
  • Process automation scorecard
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Software setup plan
  • Process automation flowchart
  • Software setup
  • 6 workflows
  • Written documentation
  • 1-to-1 training
  • 15-days post launch monitoring
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Software app analysis
  • Ideal software scorecard
  • Process analysis
  • Process automation scorecard
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Software setup plan
  • Process automation flowchart
  • Software setup
  • 10 workflows
  • Written & video documentation
  • Team training
  • 30-days post launch monitoring
  • Money-back guarantee

Ready to say goodbye to tech inefficiency?

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely not. We're Zapier partners -- and certified experts! Think of Zapier as the tool and us as the craftsmen -- the experts who help you maximize the tool to your needs. If you've invested in Zapier, we ensure you reap its full benefits.

No. We don’t sell software.

You might have seen software companies promising they’re “all-in-one” solutions, but you realize they end up being great at a few, good at some, and mediocre at most things.

We help you use apps for what they’re great at. Then we integrate them together to help you maximize productivity in your operations.

Not really.

There might be a little overlap, but we’re not hired to create email accounts, do backups, or help legacy firms implement 2010 technology.

We focus exclusively on workflow automation and software integrations for the accounting firm of the 21st century.

Probably not.

If you already have a COO or Operations Manager, we can work with them to further simplify your workflows – and make your operations more efficient.

That said, if you don’t have a person dedicated to this, it's likely a Partner is performing this role without knowing.

Either way, it’s useful to have someone in-house bringing us the pain points the firm experiences: software frustrations, manual processes, client or staff complaints, often-forgotten activities.

That way we can engineer a solution to eliminate those pain points.

As long as your apps are in the cloud, we don’t require you to use specific software to work with us.

We’ve integrated over 600 software apps over our lifetime. Every client brings a unique stack.

Our expertise lies in making sure apps communicate with one another.

This can be as simple as a native integration or using third-party integration tools...

But as complex as reverse-engineering an Application Program Interface (API) that’s not open to the public. Or building custom bots to automate browser actions.

Anything your staff is doing that’s not time with clients has the potential to be automated.

Unless there’s an obvious bottleneck in your firm, we like to design automated systems and streamline processes in the following order:

  1. Tasks that make you money (client acquisition) like proposal creation, follow-up communications, and sales reporting.
  2. Tasks that earn you money (service delivery) like client onboarding, bookkeeping, and tax preparation.
  3. Tasks that do neither but are still important (administrative) like tracking your recruiting efforts, onboarding employees, planning capacity, and others.

No. We don’t lock you into a long-term contract if you don't want to.

Some clients have worked with us for as little as 1 month.

Other clients have stayed for more than 3 years.

We'll be here as long as you need us – and no longer.

Yes, we have strict data management procedures in place for accessing your software apps and data and will never share or sell any data with external parties for any reason.

At the moment, we offer a very limited number of consulting calls by request. Apply to work with us and we can assess if this is the best fit for you.

We work primarily with firms in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Our best clients operate with a global mindset, though.

They know the best talent isn't necessarily in their local area.

Tell us your software stack. We’ll tell you what to automate.

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  •  Software app analysis
  •  Process analysis
  •  Ideal software scorecard
  •  Process automation scorecard
  •  Implementation roadmap

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