Marketing automation can save you countless hours within your day if used correctly.

However, for many non-tech savvy business owners knowing how to deploy it effectively within your business can result in it being put on the back burner.

So with this in mind, we thought we’d make the process a little easier by outlining 6 ways you can use marketing automation with your business that will help you streamline your marketing campaigns and help turn subscribers into brand advocates year-round.

Ways to Use Marketing Automation Within Your Business

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Turning leads into paying customers doesn’t happen at the drop of a hat, especially when you’re selling high-end products or services.

Being able to also identify which of your leads are the most engaged and where they are at within your buyer’s journeys is also paramount to building trust. With marketing automation, you can create personalised campaigns that provide leads with relevant content that help them make an informed decision and bridge the gaps within their decision making process.

By creating an automated multi-sequence email marketing campaign that delivers relevant content within each email you can then know where each of your leads within your buyer’s journey so that you can then follow up with them personally.

Customer Onboarding Campaigns

Customer Onboarding Campaigns

Ensuring a smooth onboarding process can make or break your brand’s reputation.

However, being able to provide a tailored customer onboarding experience for each and every customer isn’t easy as most customers will require different levels of support.

With marketing automation, you can create customer-centric onboarding campaigns that ensure they receive tailored content and resources that help them throughout their onboarding process and ensure they become lifelong customers.

Customer Referral Campaigns
Customer Referral Camapigns

Customer Referral Campaigns

One of your best sources for creating brand awareness and attracting new customers is none other than your existing customer base.

Not only are they already familiar with you and your brand, most loyal customers often love sharing their favourite brands with those they know which provides you with a great opportunity to create a knock-on effect when it comes to winning new business.

Whether it’s as simple as asking for a review to be left on Google Business or Facebook, incentivising them with a promotional discount or gift in exchange for referring new business marketing automation allows you do this with ease.

Product Launch Campaigns
Product Launch Campaigns

Product Launch Campaigns

Another opportunity for generating new business from existing customers or leads are product launch campaigns.

While every lead may not be the right fit for your products or services on the first outreach, a recent product or service you may have launched may now be exactly what they need. You can also use this strategy to keep your current and existing customers aware of products or services that may complement their existing purchases.

Event Based Campaigns

Event-Based Campaigns 

Working hand in hand with product launch campaigns are event-based campaigns.

Depending upon what products or services you offer in your business, event-based campaigns allow you to nurture your subscribers, leads and customers and different times within the year.

Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays, end of the financial year or Black Friday by creating personalised event-based campaigns it provides you with another great opportunity for nurturing and converting your subscribers year round no matter what the occasion.

Re-Engagement Campaigns

Re-Engagement Campaigns

Last but not least in our list of ways to use marketing automation within your business is none other than re-engagement campaigns.

While it’s important to remember to respect your subscriber base and never flood their inbox with irrelevant offers and emails by simply maintaining a well-maintained list of active subscribers is a proven way to generate a positive return on investment for your existing subscribers and removing those that more than likely will never buy your products or services.

By creating high-value re-engagement campaigns that allow you to segment and remove non-engaged subscribers you can rest assured to always have a quality list of subscribers.

And there you have it, 6 proven ways you can use marketing automation with your business to help you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

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