With businesses relying on technology on a daily basis, being able to resolve technical support issues quickly when they occur can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Therefore, as an IT services business, having processes in systems in place that can streamline your business and how quickly you can deliver your services to clients in need is critical.

So how can you make use of automation to help deliver a top quality service to your clients?

Well, we’ve put together a guide on some of the leading ways to streamline your IT services business using automation that you can apply within your business to help save you and your clients time and revenue as a result of technical downtime.

Ready to turn your IT services business into a well oiled machine? Let’s dive in.

Ways to Automate Your IT Services Business

  • Support Requests
  • Client Billing
  • Remote Support
  • Service Monitoring
  • Client Onboarding

Support Requests

Being able to address your clients’ support inquiries in a timely manner can make or bake your business’s reputation.

By using platforms like Zendesk and Help Scout you can create a centralized place for all support inquiries received by your clients and set up tailored rules based upon the type of the request, the urgency of the request and more to ensure all support requests are dealt with accordingly so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Once the support request is completed, you can then trigger follow up actions within your other software platforms using Zapier saving your countless hours of manual data entry.

Client Billing

Research indicates that small businesses can spend up to 15 hours per week on billing.

This is critical time that can be spent on more important tasks such as finding new business opportunities or training your team members.

Thankfully, with solutions like Stripe and Xero you can automatically generate client invoices as soon as a support request has been resolved or a service has been delivered by one of your support staff ensuring your invoices are paid on time.

Remote Support

Delivering your services online not only allows you to increase your service delivery capabilities on a national scale it also saves you added expenses in fees including petrol and vehicle maintenance.

With solutions like Calendly and Zoom, clients can schedule a remote support session with one of your team members allowing your team to diagnose and resolve issues without having to visit the client in person, freeing up their schedule to work with more clients.

Calendly also integrates with popular payment processing platforms like Stripe allowing you to automatically bill the support session in advance.

Service Delivery

Ensuring your services are delivered at a high standard not only results in a client remaining with you long term, it can also lead to additional business through referrals and partnerships.

With the help of platforms like Asana and Monday.com you can develop systemised checklists that are automatically assigned to new client projects so that all responsible parties can see the status of each project and what needs to be done.

Once a specific step within a project has been completed, you can then trigger follow up actions notifying the client or other team members of the progress.

Client Onboarding

When it comes to providing a high quality service, first impressions count.

Ensuring that clients are onboarded correctly when registering for your services not only provides a professional image from the start, it saves the need to follow up with clients for missing login credentials or other assets critical to you delivering your services.

By using solutions like Paperform and Typeform you can create tailored client onboarding surveys that allow you to collect any critical information from the moment they sign up.

And there you have it, 5 ways to streamline your IT services business using automation giving you more time to focus on delivering technical assistance to your clients.

Ready to Grow Your IT Services Business Using Automation?

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