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We help service-based business owners win back their time by automating their repetitive admin tasks using Integromat.

Tired of losing time, energy and resources on data-entry?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, lost productivity and poorly managed data costs companies over $1 trillion a year.

You could outsource it or hire a junior to manage this, however, this requires hours of screening candidates, not to mention the cost of human error.

So where can you turn for a reliable data-entry solution that works 24/7/365 for less than the monthly salary of a junior data-entry staff member?

Say au revior to manual data-entry once and for all.

At Opzer, we help service-based businesses win back their time by implementing tailored Integromat automation solutions that just work.

Ready to cut your admin time in half using Integromat?

Our Process

Book a Consultation

Let's connect so that we can learn more about your business goals and determine how we can assist in automating your business.

Integromat Implementation

If we're a good fit to help your business, we'll get to work building your automations ready for launch within 30 days (or less).

You Save Time and Money

Once launched, your automations continue to work 24/7/365 within your business saving you time, money and resources every day!

Integromat Consulting

Our team provides tailored Integromat consulting services that help you to streamline your business and reduce your time spent on manual data entry.

From platform analysis to workflow mapping, implementation and optimisation, our team has your covered.

Integromat Implementation

Looking to implement Integromat within your business but don’t know where to get started? Our Integromat implementation solutions have been designed for businesses big and small.

Whether you’re an independent freelancer or growing team looking to scale, our services are designed with your business in mind.

How Opzer Can Automate Your Business Using Integromat

Invoice Creation

Create and send invoices automatically once a new or existing customer completes a specific action.

CRM Automation

Synchronise customer data automatically across your CRM once a visitor completes a specific action.

Payment Automation

Process payments and refunds automatically without having to collect and store customer payment details.

Task Creation

Create follow up tasks within your project management system automatically based upon specific actions.

Appointment Setting

Allow appointments to be booked automatically based upon your availability and timezone.

Marketing Automation

Send automated email campaigns to subscribers and customers based upon specific dates and actions.

Support Automation

Streamline your customer support process with integrated support solutions.

Accounting Automation

Synchronise your payments, expenses and refunds across multiple platforms with ease. 

About Opzer

Interested to learn more about the story behind Opzer and how we can help you grow your business?

Well, having owned and worked with service-based businesses from around the globe for nearly a decade, we couldn’t help but notice a common trend in the amount of time and resources that are lost on a daily basis due to repetitive admin and marketing tasks.

We’re here to fix that!

Our Integromat Implementation Solutions

Tailored Integromat solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Ideal for Solopreneurs
  • 5 Automations
  • Platform Analysis & Optimisation
  • Process Analysis & Optimisation
  • Asset Creation
  • Automation Creation
  • Post Launch Optimisation
  • Documentation Creation


Ideal for Small Teams
  • 10 Automations
  • Platform Analysis & Optimisation
  • Process Analysis & Optimisation
  • Asset Creation
  • Automation Creation
  • Post Launch Optimisation
  • Documentation Creation


Ideal for Larger Companies
  • 20 Automations
  • Platform Analysis & Optimisation
  • Process Analysis & Optimisation
  • Asset Creation
  • Automation Creation
  • Post Launch Optimisation
  • Documentation Creation

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Integromat Cost?

Integromat’s cost varies depending upon the number of tasks you wish to automate per month, however, on average it costs between $50 to $150 per month. 

What Tasks Can You Automate?

We’ve created automations of all types and complexities for ourselves and our clients. If you’re unsure we can automate your tasks, just ask.

How Soon Can We Get Started?

We work with a select number of hotels at any time allowing us to deliver exceptional service to each client and can generally get started within 7 days.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept payment via credit card (using Stripe) or bank transfer. All payments must be made upfront prior to commencing any project.

What Are Your Terms of Engagement?

We always strive to build long term relationships with clients and aim to operate on an ongoing basis for best results. However, we have no lock in contracts.

What Results Can I Expect?

Before onboarding any client we conduct a full analysis of your business to ensure you are a suitable fit always aim to generate a positive ROI.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry For Your Business With Integromat?

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