Running a successful real estate agency isn’t easy.

Not only do you have to compete with a fiercely competitive industry, but technology and the internet have also changed the way people find, buy and sell their properties today.

And while even the most tech-friendly real estate agents may have a grasp on the new tools available being able to balance your time across multiple areas within your business can be challenging regardless of size.

So how can you optimise your real estate agency to get the most out of your hard-earned sales leads while ensuring your team is spending their time on what matters most?

In this article, we’re going to show you some of the most common ways you can automate repetitive admin tasks within your real estate agency so that you have more time to focus on your customers.

Let’s dive in!

Optimising Your Real Estate Agency With Automation

Following Up With Sales Enquiries

One of the biggest contributing factors of building a successful real estate agent is being able to provide a fast, professional and friendly service promptly. However, with so many sales channels available it’s often difficult to keep tabs on them.

With platforms like Drip and heyMarket, you can automatically trigger tailored responses to be sent via SMS and email regardless of what sales channel you receive an enquiry from ensuring you never miss a sales opportunity again.

You can then automatically import each sales enquiry into your sales CRM platform using Zapier or Integromat for your team to follow up with.

Collecting Survey Responses

Being able to quality and segment sales and rental enquiries helps you to better understand each lead’s and find the ideal property for them with ease.

With platforms like Paperform and Typeform, you can collect detailed survey responses via email or directly within your website and then segment each enquiry based upon their needs to ensure maximum return on your marketing results. 

You can then automatically upload this data within each contacts CRM record using Zapier or Integromat proving you with all the required information in one centralised location

Announcing Property Listings

Another way of optimising your real estate agency is ensuring your listings get the most possible exposure can have a massive impact on your monthly sales figures.

With platforms like PromoRepublic and Buffer, you can automatically cross-promote your property listings across your social media profiles on predefined schedules saving you the need to manually publish your listings daily.

You can then automatically share each new property listings link directly within your team’s Slack channel using Zapier or Integromat.

Streamlining Document Signing

Creating a streamlined contract document signing process not only creates a hassle-free customer experience allows you to accurately maintain, track and store your documents securely for easy access as needed.

With platforms like PandaDoc and HelloSign you can create, send, sign and store all of your legally binding documents all within one easy to access location.

You can then create a backup of each document within your Google Drive using Zapier or Integromat ensuring you never lose an important document again.

Scheduling Property Viewings

Being able to manage a busy viewing schedule with accuracy while ensuring you have availability that suits your potential customers can have a massive impact on your sales pipeline.

With platforms like Calendly and Acquity Scheduling, you can create a centralised appointment scheduling solution for you and your team members that integrates seamlessly with your schedule ensuring you’re never double-booked for an important appointment.

You can then automatically import the new leads data directly into your CRM platform using Zapier or Integromat keeping all of your most important data up to date.

Nurturing Sales Leads

Last but not least in our ways to optimise your real estate agency using automation is the ability to nurture sales leads with accuracy.

Keeping tabs on every sales opportunity is no small feat, even for the most experienced of real estate agents. So how can you ensure that your brand is always top of mind with your most qualified leads?

With platforms like ConvertKit and Autopilot, you can create tailored lead nurturing workflows that send triggered emails when a lead completes a specific action within your website or when a property matching their criteria is available ensuring your brand is front and centre when it matters most.

You can then create a follow-up task within your CRM using Zapier or Integromat once an existing subscriber engages with your email or website.

And there you have it, 6 creative ways to optimise your real estate agency using automation that you can implement within your business so that you have more time to focus on bigger things.

Ready to Streamline Your Real Estate Agency Using Automation?

Feel free to check out some of the recommended tools using the links provided for more details on how each tool can be used within your business or Schedule a Free Automation Consultation with our team today about streamlining your real estate agency today!