Unsure if marketing automation is right for your business? You’re not alone.

With so many tools, strategies and platforms appearing on the market almost every day it’s often hard to get caught up in the latest trend that promises the world only to fall short of your expectations when it comes to making a visible impact within your business.

So what is marketing automation and what are the benefits of using marketing automation within your business?

In this article, we’re going to break down some of the most common benefits of using it within your business to provide you with a better understanding of how it can help you to reduce your overheads and increase productivity.

Let’s dive in!

Benefits of Using Marketing Automation Within Your Business

  1. Improved lead nurturing
  2. Increased revenue
  3. Automated lead scoring
  4. Better data management
  5. Improved sales tracking
  6. Increased brand awareness
  7. Measurable results
  8. Personalisation
  9. Split testing
  10. Better campaign planning
  11. Improved return on marketing spend
  12. Improved productivity
  13. Improved processes
  14. Marketing and sales alignment
  15. Increased lifetime value
  16. Reduced overheads

Improved lead nurturing

A recent study conducted indicated that 92% of first-time website visitors aren’t ready to buy meaning that all of that hard-earned traffic is wasted if you don’t have a proven process for nurturing your website visitors into leads and customers.

Marketing automation allows you to nurture visitors with ease from the moment they land on your website right through to the moment they decide to be a customer removing the guesswork of knowing how they are interacting with your brand.

Increased revenue

Being able to effectively nurture your hard-earned website visitors into qualified leads not only improves your conversion rates but it also has a major impact on your revenue as well.

Research has proven that by deploying an effective marketing automation strategy can increase sales productivity by nearly 15% resulting in better cash flow for your business allowing to scale and grow your business faster.

Automated lead scoring

Ever wondered what separates a potential customer apart from a highly qualified lead?

Marketing automation allows you to know exactly which customers are most likely through automated lead scoring which provides you with a total score based upon how they have interacted with your website and content.

Whether it’s visiting your pricing page, downloading a lead magnet or completing a contact form you’ll never miss a beat with the help of marketing automation.

Better data management

With the world becoming more connected than ever, being able to accurately collect and store customer data is essential to successful sales and marketing strategy.

Marketing automation makes light work of this by automatically updating your customer data every time a customer interacts with your brand. From updating their phone number to importing data from surveys they complete you’ll be able to say goodbye to those dreaded spreadsheets once and for all.

Improved sales tracking

Being able to build an accurate timeline of how and when a new customer has interacted with your brand can not only help you determine what’s working and what isn’t but it also gives you a better understanding of their journey from visitor to paying customer.

With marketing automation, you can track and view the journey a customer takes including which pages they visited, how they found your website and more allowing you to better invest your marketing efforts and budget.

Increased brand awareness

Creating a reputable brand takes a lot of work, being able to build a reputable brand that gets noticed is even harder and yet, even though there are countless marketing platforms and channels out there getting the attention your brand deserves can be difficult without a large team of marketers and budget to match.

Marketing automation does the heavy lifting for you regardless of how big your team or marketing budget is by automating repetitive actions within your business including sending time-specific emails, scheduling posts across social media and more.

Measurable results

Keeping track of your campaign results is critical to measuring your return on investment, however, with so many metrics and data points available being able to tie all of these together to know exactly how your campaigns are performing can be difficult.

With marketing automation, you can easily track your key metrics all under one roof including emails sent, open rates, click-through rate and revenue generated to ensure you know how each campaign is performing every minute of the day.


Personalisation is key to ensuring you’re able to create a unique brand experience that makes you stand out from your competition while creating a lasting impression on every visitor, subscriber and customer that comes across your website.

However, being able to create a personalised experience for every visitor that comes across your website would require a whole army of marketers and sales staff if it was to be done manually. With Marketing automation, you can personalise every step of the way from displaying specific ads, adding the subscriber’s name within emails and more.

Split testing

Ever wondered if your audience prefers text-based emails vs graphic emails? Ever wondered if leads convert better after 3 days of signing up vs 5 days? 

With marketing automation, you can create tailored split tests to test every stage of your sales and marketing funnel ensuring you’re creating the best possible experience for your audience.

Better campaign planning

Ensuring your audience has a fresh batch of relevant content can be a mammoth task even for the biggest of companies, planning this content also takes an extensive amount of planning, research, creation and publishing regardless of your experience.

Marketing automation allows you to plan and create campaigns days, weeks and even months in advance by scheduling targeted engagements to be delivered when you need them.

Improved return on marketing spend

Generating a profitable return on investment not only improves cash flow within your business but also helps you to invest back into your marketing campaigns with accuracy.

Marketing automation allows your team to track and manage the return on investment across each campaign by providing you with detailed metrics on each campaign allowing you to determine how much it costs to acquire each visitor, subscriber, lead and customer. 

Improved productivity

Research indicates that office workers lose a third of their time to manual admin tasks, what’s worse is this is estimated to the global service industry more than $5 trillion annually.

With marketing automation, you can reduce time spent on repetitive tasks by automating common workflows in your business so that your team can focus on more important tasks including following up with warm leads and other tasks that require the human touch.

Improved processes

One of the major contributing factors of any successful business is being able to create a proven, repeatable process that can be deployed time and time again regardless of experience.

Not only does this help to reduce the time spent on specific tasks, but it also allows you to create tangible business assets and allows you to build and scale your business with step by step accuracy ensuring you and your team never miss a critical step again.

Marketing and sales alignment

Ensuring your marketing and sales team are aligning with your overall business can mean the difference between rags to riches. However, with so many working parts in each process being able to align these with ease can be a challenge.

With marketing automation, you can identify potential roadblocks within each stage of your marketing campaigns and use these to improve processes within your onboarding process, lead generation process or sales process to ensure complete synergy at every step.

Increased lifetime value

The only thing that is better than acquiring a new customer is acquiring a repeat customer who purchases from you again, not only are they familiar with your product and brand, it costs you far less to acquire their business every time they purchase from you vs a new customer.

With marketing automation, you can increase the lifetime value of your customer by creating tailored campaigns that allow you to upsell, cross-sell and down-sell with ease.

Reduced overheads

Last but not least in our list of marketing automation benefits is the added benefit of being able to reduce overheads within your business.

While hiring a team of talented and creative people will allow you to grow your business, hiring a team of people to complete tasks that can be automated at a fraction of the cost not only allows your team members to focus on bigger things but it allows you deploy systems that work around the clock for your business so that you don’t have to.

And there you have it, 16 proven benefits of why using marketing automation within your business can help improve your sales, marketing and bottom line with ease.

Ready to Grow Your Business Using Marketing Automation?

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