Considering using Integromat to automate your business, you’ve come to the right place.

With more and more businesses adapting to technology, it’s now more common for a business to be managed with just a handful of software platforms.

But what happens when you start to scale your business and need to incorporate payment gateways, support systems, project management tools and more?

Before you know it, your workday is consumed by manually inputting data into each platform to keep things running smoothly.

But what if there was a way to automate this so that you had more time to focus on what matters within your business? Say hello to Integromat.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with a detailed review of Integromat’s features, pricing and more to give you an overview of how you can use it to automate your business

Sounds good? Let’s get started!

Integromat Review


Aptly nicknamed “the glue of the internet” Integromat was founded in 2015 and has since grown to become one of the leaders within the workflow automation space now boasting a team of over 50 staff and 175,000 customers.

While their overall goal remains similar to Zapier, Integromat’s unique approach allows you to take your automation game to a whole new level while keeping the user experience simple to use no matter how tech-friendly you are.

So how does Integomat work?

Integromat works by connecting your most popular business apps and automating repetitive tasks between them (scenarios) reducing your team’s workload day in, day out.

These automations are triggered every time a particular action is completed within a particular business app, Integromat then transfers the data between each of the apps around the clock so you never have to worry about small tasks.

With support for over 250 apps (and growing), it’s easy to see why Integromat is a crowd favourite when it comes to automating workflows within your business



As mentioned earlier, Integromat works by creating scenarios allowing you to automate common workflows within your business, your scenario will often depend upon whether it requires a single action to be completed or multiple actions allowing you to automate two tasks within the same scenario.

Once built, this scenario will continue to work around the clock within your business allowing you and your team to focus on more important tasks while also reducing the risk of human error.


For those looking to build complex formulas, Formulas allow you to perform a large number of varying transformations to your data automatically from changing the text formatting, converting data into different formats and more.

Say goodbye to hours spent manually entering and reviewing data once and for all.


Ever found yourself having to complete the same task over and over again? With Routers, you can easily duplicate the processed data and then have it run different actions based upon each predefined route.

From publishing the data to different social media networks to processing a customer payment and creating a new deal within your CRM at the same time as a new client signs up, Integromat has you covered.

Error Handling

One of the major features that set Integromat apart from its competitors is its ability to automatically process data in the event an error occurs.

Once an error has occurred, Integromat will automatically attempt to follow any one of the predestined paths you have created by either ignoring the error and processing the remaining data or attempting to fix the data while the scenario is still running.

In the event Integromat isn’t able to resolve the error, it can also pause the scenario allowing you to then manually diagnose the error and resolve it.

Aggregators and Iterators

Want to be able to run different actions based upon a specific data-type? With Integromat, you can create varied routers based upon different data types all within the same scenario.

Whether it’s automatically backing up PDF documents or automatically resizing JPEG images, Integromat makes easy work of heavy data management.

Iterators allow you to also split and process large batches of data in smaller, easier to manage batches reducing workloads and improving your overall data handling.


Unsure of where to get started with automating workflows in your business? Integromat provides you over 1,500 pre-built templates across just about every imaginable workflow allowing you to deploy popular workflows with ease and also providing you plug and play templates that save you countless hours having to create them from scratch.

Advanced Rules

For those looking for an additional level of automation, Integromat also allows you to create a variety of additional rules within each scenario to ensure your data is processed correctly regardless of its complexity.

From scheduling specific times for the scenario to be run to choosing a specific starting point within a data-set, Integromat makes it possible.

 Other Features

  • Add unlimited steps within each scenario
  • View and track scenarios in real-time
  • Review up to two months of data executions
  • Native mobile app support for managing your account 

Detailed Reporting

With detailed reporting, Integromat allows you to independently review each automation in detail and see how the data was received and processed giving you a full overview of each workflow allowing you to optimise each workflow accordingly.

If you wish your data not to be stored, you can also disable data keeping your data secure and private.


Wondering if Integromat works with your favourite tool? Don’t stress!

Integromat currently supports over 250 of the leading SaaS platform’s currently available on the market and while this is considerably less than Zapier they support just about every major platform used to most businesses and are constantly adding support for new apps.

In the event you don’t see a supported application, they also offer advanced integration options through OAuth2 authorization and JSON.


One of the major advantages Integromat has over its competitors is pricing offering the most affordable pricing within the space.

Integromat has plans to suit every business regardless of size with plans starting from $0 per month depending upon the features you require and the number of operations you wish to run monthly.

  • Free – $0 per month (1,000 operations)
  • Basic – $9 per month (10,000 operations)
  • Standard – $29 per month (40,000 operations)
  • Business – $99 per month (150,000 operations)
  • Platinum – $299 (800,000 operations)
  • Custom – Custom Pricing (800,000+ operations)


How much does Integromat cost?

  • Integromat’s pricing varies depending on the upon the features you require and the number of tasks you wish to automate per month with plans starting from $0 per month

Does Integromat offer a free trial?

  • Yes, Integromat provides a free forever plan to get you started

Is my data secure with Integromat?

  • Yes, although Integromat connects directly with your chosen platforms they offer a host of security features to ensure your data is always protected

What customer support options does Integromat offer?

  • Integromat provides varied online support options based upon your subscription

Does Integromat provide account setup and training?

  • Integromat offers a large collection of guided video training and a highly rated customer support service to assist in setting up your account

Is Integromat better than Zapier?

  • Although Integromat and Zapier are very similar, they each offer some pros and cons depending upon your requirements


Not convinced Integromat is right for your business? Here are some other platforms worth exploring when deciding which task automation platform is right for your business.


With a vast offering of features, easy to use interface and top-rated customer service, it’s easy to see why Integromat is a crowd favourite within the task automation platform space.

While some may argue that their user interface is a little more complex than some of its competitors once you’ve spent some time getting to know the platform you’ll easily fall in love with it and the ability to automate just about any workflow imaginable.

However, we recommend speaking with a business automation consultant or 

Contact Integromat’s customer support team before implementing it within your business.

And there you have it, a detailed review of Integromat’s features, pricing and more to help you make the right decision when it comes to automating workflows within your business.

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