When it comes to fast-moving industries, there’s no second-guessing that recruiters have it tough.

Not only are the rules for attracting and placing top-rated talent constantly changing, but new technology is also making it easier than ever for candidates and companies to source and hire directly bypassing the need for external recruiters.

So what impact does this have on new and established recruitment agencies and how can technology be used to grow your recruitment agency rather than hinder it?

In this article, we’re going to share some of the common ways you can use automation within your recruitment agency to not only help you find and attract the best candidates but also increase productivity giving you more time to focus on growing your brand.

Let’s dive in!

Ways to Automate Your Recruitment Agency

Screening Candidates

Finding the right candidate can make or break your agency’s reputation!

But with one opening often receiving dozens if not hundreds of candidates how can you effectively screen and filter the best candidates for each role?

By making use of platforms like Paperform and Typeform, you can collect detailed survey responses from candidates directly through your website or via email and then segment their response based upon specific requirements saving countless hours in manual screening.

You can then automatically import your best candidates into your preferred CRM platform using Zapier or Integromat so that you and your team know which candidates are the best fit.

Collecting Feedback

Knowing first hand what your candidates and clients are thinking can have a huge impact not only on your placements but also on your brand’s reputation.

While collecting accurate feedback from your candidates and clients should be straightforward, however, with never-ending emails and misplaced meeting notes this can make even the simplest of surveys challenges.

With platforms such as SurveyPlanet and SurveyMonkey, you can collect tailored feedback from your candidates and clients with ease.

You can then trigger custom events using platforms like Zapier and Integromat based upon each person’s individual response so that you never miss important feedback.

Scheduling Meetings

With a large majority of a recruiter’s time spent in meetings, it’s no second-guessing that scheduling and rescheduling meetings also takes a considerable amount of time

With time zones, national holidays and double-booked meetings having a major impact being able to create a streamlined meeting scheduling experience that just works is no easy feat. 

Thanks to platforms like Calendly and Acuity Scheduling, you can create a centralised meeting scheduling system for candidates and clients that syncs seamlessly with your existing calendar applications to ensure you’re never double booked again.

You can then automatically import the meeting data into your CRM or email marketing platform using Zapier or Integromat saving you countless hours in manual data entry.

Announcing New Vacancies

Another major productivity killer for busy recruitment agencies is announcing new vacancies.

Not only are you faced with promoting roles across multiple social media channels, ensuring your vacancies get the most exposure possible can have a massive impact on your results. 

With the help of platforms like Buffer and PromoRepublic, you can automatically cross-promote new vacancies across multiple channels at predefined times saving you the time of manual posting.

You can also then trigger automated email campaigns for suitable candidates using platforms such as ConvertKit and Drip using automated workflows built within Zapier or Integromat.

Following Up With Candidates

Whether it’s a successful placement or not, being able to follow up with each candidate in a timely manner not only ensures a strong brand reputation but also keeps them updated on their current placement status. 

Using platforms such as Drip and heyMarket, you can automatically trigger tailored responses to be sent via SMS and email-based upon the outcome of their candidature.

You can also then trigger follow up meeting invitations with your team to complete the next step within the hiring process using Zapier or Integromat.

Collecting Reviews

Being able to collect, manage and promote reviews from candidates and clients can be one of your best friends when it comes to generating new business through word of mouth.

However, being able to efficiently request and promote reviews can be a massive challenge.

With platforms such as Reviews.IO, you can easily collect, store and publish reviews from your most loyal clients and candidates while also providing your website visitors with reviews they can trust thanks to their included verified reviews feature.

Generating Candidate Referrals

What better way to complement your recent top review than with a candidate referral?

Not only have they just posted a glowing review of their experience with your brand, but they may also have friends or colleagues who are currently looking for a career change.

With the help of platforms like Viral Loops or ReferralCandy, you can automatically trigger referral campaigns sent to your top rated candidates and clients inviting them to share your company with their colleagues or friends.

Whether it’s a simple invite or an incentivised based offer, being able to generate new business through existing clients is one of the most underused marketing strategies out there that can benefit you and your clients.

And there you have it, 7 ways to grow your recruitment agency using automation giving you more time to focus on sourcing and placing the best talent.

Ready to Grow Your Recruitment Agency With Automation?

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