Education is without a doubt one of the fastest growing industries within the world.

While in person learning still plays an essential part within the education space, revenue in Online Education is projected to reach US$166.60bn in 2023 meaning traditional businesses will either have to innovate to stay competitive or look to expand to new markets to compete.

One of the most up and coming ways to do this is through use of automation.

So how can education businesses make use of automation to deliver an industry leading service to their students while keeping them ahead of their competition.

We’ve put together a detailed article on some of the leading ways to optimise your education business using automation so that you can spend more time on what matters most.

Ready to take your education business to the next level? Let’s dive in!

Ways to Automate Your Education Business

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Student Enrollment
  • Payment Processing
  • Review Collection
  • Referral Programs

Appointment Scheduling

Whether you’re delivering in-person or online education services, providing your potential and current students with a hassle free scheduling process can make or break your business.

By using platforms such as Calendly and Acuity you can create a streamlined appointment scheduling system that allows them to schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments with ease while also sending them automated reminders to reduce the risk of missed appointments.

Once they schedule an appointment, their data can then be automatically added to your preferred CRM platform so that you can keep track of throughout your entire sales journey.

Student Enrollment

Providing new customers with an industry leading experience at every stage is critical when it comes to helping you stand out from the competition no matter how many years you have been in business.

With the help of platforms such as Paperform and Typeform you can create tailored student enrollment processes that conditionally show questions based upon each type of student.

You can then push their registration data through to multiple platforms including payment processing platforms saving the need to manually enter their details across multiple platforms.

Payment Processing

When it comes to running a profitable business, cash flow is king.

Therefore, the last thing you want to be losing your time on is manual payment processing.

Thanks to platforms like Stripe you can trigger automated subscription renewals and issue receipts once payment has been processed ensuring no payments slip through the cracks.

Best of all, Stripe connects with most leading accounting platforms and CRM solutions on the market ensuring your data remains syncronised across all platforms.

Review Collection

Being able to share your students’ experiences easily online not only helps in growing your brand, it provides social proof for new potential students of your brand’s reputation.

With platforms like Reviews.IO you can easily request and publish reviews across the leading social media platforms in minutes creating a hassle free method for your students to provide insight into what they love most about your program.  

Referral Programs

One of the easiest methods for attracting new customers is by asking for referrals from your existing customers.

Not only does this allow you to break the ice by referring you to new potential customers, it also allows your existing customers to benefit from being a loyal customer.

With platforms like ReferralCandy and Viral Loops you can create tailored referral programs that automatically incentivize and reward customers the more they promote your brand with their fiends making it win win for everybody.

And there you have it, 5 ways to grow your education business using automation allowing you to focus on delivering an industry leading experience to your students.

Ready to Grow Your Education Business Using Automation?

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