Unsure if Autopilot is the right marketing automation solution for your business? We’ve got you covered!

Ranked as one of the leading marketing automation solutions on the market Autopilot has been at the forefront of innovation since they were founded in 2012.

So what sets them apart from the rest and how do they shape up against their competitors.

In this article’ we’re going to provide you with a detailed breakdown of Autopilot’s features, pricing and more and share our verdict of the platform to help make it easier for you to choose the right marketing automation platform for your business.

Let’s dive in!

Autopilot Review 2022


Founded in 2012 Autopilot has come a long way in since their early day and with it have brought innovative changes for their clients and the industry as a whole.

Originating from Sydney, Australia their team has now grown to a global base spanning Australia, the USA and Europe and has completed multiple successful funding rounds by some of the biggest investment firms in the industry including Blackbird and Salesforce Ventures.

Although having experienced massive growth since their early days, they have never steered away from what made people take notice of them by keeping their platform easy to use, always putting the customer first and helping drive change in social equality worldwide.

So let’s jump in and review each of their features in more depth and see how they compare.


Contact Management

Autopilot makes contact management a breeze with the ability to organise and segment your leads and customers based upon behaviour and demographics while also allowing you to sync contact data with your CRM platform easily.

Autopilot also provides you with an in-depth breakdown of every contact’s behaviour including clicks, pages visited and more so that you can get a comprehensive overview of the actions they take on your website to better understand your customer’s needs.

Automation Builder

One of the major features that set Autopilot apart from their competitors is the fact that they have invested a lot of time and thought into creating an easy to use visual automation builder giving you a birds-eye view over your entire customer journey.

Autopilot’s easy to use canvas style builder allows you to drag and drop your desired actions and build out multiple paths depending upon the action each visitor takes and provides you with proven templates to help you get started.


Another feature that sets Autopilot apart from their competitors is the inbuilt team collaboration features that make it easier for teams to work together on the same automation live to ensure an easy design process from start to finish.

You can then share your templates to other team members for feedback or even share them publicly for marketing collateral and brand authority.

Email Builder

Autopilot makes it easy to create eye-catching emails that your audience will love with their easy to use drag and drop email builder that features several pre-built widgets to choose from removing the need to hand-code emails.

Each email is optimised to display natively across all devices and they even offer a range of pre-designed templates to inspire you or get you started.

Personalised Messaging

Being able to nurture your website visitors across multiple channels ensures that your brand not only remains top of mind throughout each phase of the buyer’s journey but it also allows you to create more authority amongst your audience.

Autopilot lets you create and manage targeted marketing messages that can be displayed via email, SMS, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and even postcards ensuring your brand is always front and centre with your most engaged visitors


Knowing exactly how your campaigns are performing day in, day out is critical to ensuring your campaigns are not only generating the results you expect but it also allows you to estimate future campaign results and plan accordingly.

Autopilot offers in-depth reporting capabilities at every stage of your marketing campaign and provides you with a breakdown of each channel performance while also allowing you to track your results in full via their beautifully designed mobile app.


Having a marketing automation platform that integrates with your existing tools not only saves your hours of manual data entry but also saves countless hours lost creating and deploying marketing assets across multiple platforms.

Autopilot saves you this hassle with a huge collection of pre-built integrations and templates featuring the largest platforms within the digital marketing space.


Autopilot offers a range of pricing options for businesses of all sizes making their platform accessible to everyone regardless of their budget with plans starting from $49 per month for up to 2,000 contacts while also offering discounts for annual subscriptions.

  • 1 to 2,000 subscribers – $49/month
  • 2,0001 to 5,000 subscribers – $149/month
  • 5,0001 to 10,000 subscribers – $249/month
  • 10,000+ subscribers – Custom


How much does Autopilot cost?

  • Autopilot’s pricing varies based upon the number of subscribers with plans starting from $49 per month

Does Autopilot offer a free trial?

  • Yes, Autopilot offers a free 30-day trial to get you started

Can I migrate my existing subscribers to Autopilot?

  • Yes, Autopilot allows you to import your existing subscribers and also offers a migration service for those looking for additional assistance

What customer support options does Autopilot offer?

  • Autopilot provides support via live chat and email.


Not sure if Autopilot is right for your business, here are some other platforms we recommend exploring when choosing an email marketing platform for your business.


With its visual automation builder, comprehensive content management features and growing collection of native integrations it’s easy to see why it’s a leading choice when it comes to marketing automation platforms.

Another major selling point is that they don’t position themselves as niche specific meaning they can be deployed with ease across just about any online business regardless of industry.

With this in mind, we recommend that you consider speaking with a marketing automation consultant or even consider reaching out to Autopilot’s sales to answer any questions you may have before implementing any platform within your business.

Overall, we would highly recommend including it within your shortlist when looking for a reliable email marketing tool for your business.

And there you have it, a detailed review of Autopilot features, pricing and more to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a marketing automation platform.

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