Ever wished there were more hours in the day when running your business? You’re not alone. Many business owners often find themselves caught up in the day to day tasks which often leads to them having to put off the important things that really move their business forward.

What’s more is that this also applies to all businesses regardless of size, a recent study indicated that office workers lose a third of their workweek to admin accounting for a whopping $5 trillion in lost productivity and revenue.

Thankfully, with the advances in technology, there are business automation solutions that look to solve that.

One of these tools, in particular, is Zapier, by automating workflows within your business for the apps you use every day within your business Zapier looks to save business owners and employees hundreds, if not thousands of hours in lost productivity and time.

However, for those who are unfamiliar with automation, it may be difficult to know exactly what can be automated within your business so in this article we’re going to unpack some of the most popular Zapier automation’s you can implement within your business to save you time and money.

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Ways to Automate Your Business With Zapier

Ways to Automate Your Business with Zapier – Invoicing

Invoice Creation

First up in our list of Zapier automation you can implement within your business is one that is the lifeblood of any business, invoice creation.

Using Zapier you can automatically generate customer invoices based upon any number of actions including when you update a deal within your CRM, when a customer completes a form within your website or schedules a paid event with you.

Ways to Automate Your Business with Zapier – Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

While having a personal assistant is any business owner’s dream, not all can afford it.

Zapier is your next best thing! By connecting with popular appointment setting apps Zapier can then trigger any number of actions including adding your event to your calendar, importing their details into your CRM or marketing tools and more.

Ways to Automate Your Business with Zapier – CRM Automation

CRM Automation

While CRMs are the heart and soul of most sales teams and business owners, the amount of time lost in managing data within can be a nightmare.

With Zapier, you can automatically import data from any number of sources saving you countless hours of data entry. Once imported, you can also create further automation’s to update each record when your customer completes a specific action within your sales cycle.

Ways to Automate Your Business with Zapier – Email Marketing

Marketing Automation

Having a well-oiled marketing system in place that does the heavy lifting for you can help you grow your business without having to work round the clock.

Zapier helps you do exactly this by connecting your favourite marketing tools and platforms to ensure your brand is always top of mind with your target audience. 

From syncing your email marketing tool data to importing new leads from landing page forms and streamlining your social media management by sharing new posts across different channels Zapier is your new best friend when it comes to growing your business.

Ways to Automate Your Business with Zapier – Payment Automation

Payment Automation

If cash flow is king for a businesses survival, having a reliable payment processing solution in place is queen. 

With Zapier, you can automate customer payments ensuring you never miss a beat when it comes to invoicing. By connecting with your payment processing platform with your most commonly used application you can process payments automatically once you complete a specific action with that app. Whether it’s creating an invoice or updating a deal in your CRM Zapier has got you covered.

Ways to Automate Your Business with Zapier – Support Automation

Support Automation

Next up in our list of Zapier automation’s is one that is a cornerstone of every business, customer support.

When it comes to customer support you will always require the human touch to ensure a high-quality service your customers love, however, with Zapier there are a number of automation’s that you can implement within your workflows to make the process easier to manage.

From creating support tickets when a customer emails you to requesting customer satisfaction surveys and creating tasks within your task management program Zapier is your newest team member for providing award-winning customer support.

Ways to Automate Your Business with Zapier – Task Creation

Task Creation

Ever read an email or wrote something down only to forget about it before you can create a task to follow up on it? You’re not alone.

With so many channels for communication, it’s often easy to lose track of items that require your attention as a result of not being able to follow up with it straight away. Zapier helps you solve this problem once and for all by allowing you to create actionable tasks within your project management platform based on the spot as soon as it comes into your inbox.

By connecting popular platforms such as Evernote, Gmail or Slack you can turn messages and emails into actionable items within your preferred project management platform.

You can also trigger zaps based upon other actions you complete including tracking your time a task takes, adding new tasks to your calendar and more.

Ways to Automate Your Business with Zapier – Accounting

Accounting Automation

When it comes to number crunching, it’s easy to lose track of sales figures and expenses when managing things across multiple platforms.

With Zapier you can automate workflows for your most common accounting workflows including income transactions into your accounting platform, sending revenue summaries to team communication platforms such as Slack or Front and create new invoices as soon as a deal is created within your CRM and more ensuring you never miss an important figure again.

Ways to Automate Your Business with Zapier – Social Media Management

Social Media Automation

Keeping your social media channels in order can be a fulltime job, from ensuring your feeds are full with fresh content to ensure you get the most out of your social media campaigns it often takes a considerable chunk of time regardless of your experience or company size.

With Zapier you can make light work of your social media campaigns using workflows such as automatically publishing new blog posts to your social media feed as soon as they are published and creating your campaign ad spend with your best performing Facebook Ads.

Ways to Automate Your Business with Zapier – Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding

Ensuring a smooth customer onboarding experience can mean all the difference when trying to impress your latest customer, Zapier helps make your customer onboarding process easy as 1-2-3 by connecting steps within to ensure an award-winning experience every time.

From creating client folders and files within Google Drive to adding onboarding questionnaire data to your CRM to creating a new project within your project management Zapier has your covered.

Ways to Automate Your Business with Zapier – Data Backup

Data Backup

Last but not least in our Zapier automation’s is one we all to often forget until it’s too late, data backup!

With data loss costing companies time and money, having a secure backup that’s up to date can save you hours of having to redo work due to data corruption or data loss. From automatically copying new files from Google Drive to OneDrive to saving new contacts to your CRM or exporting databases to CSV files Zapier makes data backup pain free.

And there you have it, 1 Zapier automation’s you can implement within your business to save you time, money and resources allowing you to focus on bigger things.

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