Whether your business operates on a project based fee, retainer or subscription basis the last thing you want to be doing is chasing unpaid invoices.

Fortunately, with online payment solutions now becoming the industry standard you can save countless hours on unpaid or missed invoices hurting your cash flow.

With this in mind,here’s our detailed guide on how to automate invoicing within your business including answers to common questions as well platform recommendations and workflow examples you can deploy within your business easily.

Let’s dive in!

Automate Invoicing

  • What is automated invoicing?
  • When should I use automated invoicing?
  • How much do automated invoicing platforms cost?
  • Automated invoice benefits
  • Best automated invoicing platforms
  • Automated invoicing workflow examples

What is Automated Invoicing?

  • Automated invoicing is the process of streamlining your invoice creation process through use of a SaaS invoicing platform.

When Should I Use Automated Invoicing?

  • Automated invoicing can be used across your entire business including sending once-off, monthly and milestone based invoices.

How Much Do Automated Invoicing Platforms Cost?

  • The price of automated invoicing platforms can vary depending upon the features and users you require with most costing less than $30 per month.

Benefits of Automated Invoicing

  1. Save countless hours drafting, reviewing and sending invoices.
  2. Reduce the risk of data entry errors or incorrect invoices.
  3. Create and send automated invoices and payment reminders.
  4. Trigger follow up processes automatically once an invoice has been paid.
  5. Streamline your invoicing experience for your team and clients.

Best Automated Invoicing Platforms

Automated Invoicing Workflow Examples

Automatically Create Invoices Based Upon Deal Information Within Your CRM

One of the biggest time killers when it comes to productivity is manual data entry.

Fortunately, with the help of platforms such as Zapier and Make you can automatically create contacts and invoices in your accounting platform using the data from your CRM saving you the need to manually enter their contact information and products or services every time.

Send New Invoices Automatically Upon a Service Renewal Date

Keeping tabs on recurring invoices or subscription based payments shouldn’t be a full time job.

With platforms such as Bonsai and Stripe you can automatically create and trigger invoices to be sent or subscription based payments to be charged based upon a specific payment date ensuring now client payment ever slips through the cracks again.

Effortlessly Synchronise Accounting Data Across Multiple Platforms

Ensuring your accounting data is securely shared, stored and managed is critical to the financial health of your company and with payments often coming from multiple sources, keeping tabs of this can often be easier said than done.

With platforms like QuickBooks and Xero, you can finally say goodbye to accounting irregularities for good thanks to their host of integration options including Stripe, PayPal and more ensuring you have a birds eye view of your cash flow regardless of their source.

Trigger Additional Processes Once An Invoice Is Paid

With your invoice processes now streamlined, is it time to think about what happens after an invoice is paid?

Thanks to platforms like Make or Zapier, you can connect your invoicing platforms with 1000s of other SaaS platforms allowing you to trigger additional processes once payment has been received by your client or customer.

From notifying your sales team so that they can complete the next steps or inviting the client to schedule their onboarding meeting, the sky’s the limit.

And there you go, our detailed guide on how to automate invoicing with your business as well as some of our preferred platforms and workflows to get you started.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Manual Invoicing Once And For All?

Feel free to explore the platforms mentioned above to see how they can assist you in automating your invoicing process to win back your time once and for all.