One of the most critical parts to ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to doing business is ensuring that you have a straightforward yet legally binding contract.

Whether it’s signing a new client, drawing up a non disclosure statement or onboarding a new employee this process often seems more daunting than it should be.

Thankfully, with the help of automation you can streamline your contract management process and say goodbye to manual contract creation once and for all.

To help make it easier for you, we’ve put together a detailed guide including answers for questions about automated contract management as well as platform recommendations and workflow examples you can implement within your business easily saving you countless hours.

Let’s dive in!

Automate Contract Management

  • What is automated contract management?
  • When should I use automated contract management?
  • How much do automated contract management platforms cost?
  • Automated contract management benefits
  • Best automated contract management platforms
  • Automated contract management workflow examples

What is Automated Contract Management?

  • Automated contract management management is the process of streamlining your contract management process through use of a SaaS contract management platform.

When Should I Use Automated Contract Management?

  • Automated contract management can be used across your entire organisation including hiring, service delivery, partnership agreements and more.

How Much Do Automated Contract Management Platforms Cost?

  • Depending upon which platforms and features you use, automated contract management platforms can cost anywhere between $0 and $60+ per month.

Benefits of Automated Contract Management

  1. Reduce time spent on manually drafting, editing and sending contracts.
  2. Avoid potential data entry and formatting errors.
  3. Create a simplified signing experience for you and your signees.
  4. Send professional legally binding documents fast and securely.
  5. Trigger follow up actions automatically once the contract has been signed.

Best Automated Automated Contract Management

Automated Contract Management Workflow Examples

Create Templated Contracts Based Upon Specific Use Cases

Whether it’s hiring a new team member, signing a client or entering into a non disclosure agreement with an external party the majority of the time the same contract is used.

With the help of platforms such as PandaDoc and Juro you can create templated contacts for each use case and map any required fields from your CRM directly into the platform saving you time and resources of manual data entry across multiple platforms.

Create Pre Approval Workflows to Decrease Signing Delays

When it comes to signing a new client, first impressions count and there is nothing worse than having the client wait for your legal team or manager to sign off on a contract.

Thanks to platforms like DocuSign and PandaDoc you can create pre-defined signee roles so that all parties get notified as soon as a new contract is drafted or marked for approval.

Streamline Project Approval and Payment Process

Having a refined onboarding process that reduces any potential friction can not only reduce the risk of a new client getting lost or missing critical steps when onboarding as a client, it also decreases the time they sign and make the first payment.

With platforms such as BetterProposals and Proposify you can create a hassle free process with the help of pre-designed proposals and contracts while also allowing them to complete payment directly via credit card using Stripe or other popular payment gateways.

Trigger Follow Up Workflows Upon Completion Of the Contract 

Now that your new client is signed it’s time to kick into action and complete the next steps to ensure the first impression of your company is one that blows them away.

With the help of platforms such as Zapier and Integromat, you can connect your contact management platform with 1000s of other applications and have it trigger a follow up action as soon as the contract is signed.

From inviting them to book their onboarding call, notifying relevant team members of the new client  or sending them a gift card the possibilities are endless.

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to streamline your contracting process through the use of an automated contract management platform as well as some proven examples you can implement within your business easily.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Manual Contracting Once And For All?

Feel free to explore the platforms mentioned above to see how they can assist you in streamlining your contract management process to win back your time and your customers.