Providing an outstanding user experience to clients is essential, especially new clients.

Not only will this set you apart from your competitors it will also help turn new clients into lifelong clients that rant and rave about your company to friends and colleagues.

But what are some of the best ways to optimise your clients user experience to ensure that every stage is hassle free for them and your team?

Well, we’ve put together a guide on how to automate your client onboarding experience internally and externally to provide you and your clients with industry leading experience including answers to common questions about client onboarding automation as well as some of the leading platforms and workflows we recommend exploring.

Ready to take your client onboarding experience to the next level?

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Automating Client Onboarding

  • What is automated client onboarding?
  • When should I use automated client onboarding?
  • How much do automated qualification platforms cost?
  • Automated client onboarding benefits
  • Best automated client onboarding platforms
  • Automated client onboarding workflow examples

Common Questions About Automated Client Onboarding

What is Automated Client Onboarding?

  • Automated client onboarding is the process of streamlining your client onboarding process through use of SaaS platforms and automated workflows.

When Should I Use Automated Client Onboarding?

  • Automated client onboarding can be used across multiple stages within your business to avoid manual data entry across multiple and to trigger certain steps within the process.

How Much Do Automated Client Onboarding Platforms Cost?

  • Platform costs can vary depending on which processes you are looking to automate and the features you require with most platforms costing between $0 and $50 per month.

Benefits of Automated Lead Qualification

  1. Reducing manual data entry across multiple platforms.
  2. Decrease the time taken to request and receive payments
  3. Streamline meeting scheduling for your and your clients
  4. Avoid having to follow up for client assets essential to the project.
  5. Optimise service delivery times and client communications.

Best Automated Lead Qualification Platforms

Automated Client Onboarding Workflow Examples

Automate Client Invoicing and Payment Processing

Making client invoicing and payment processing easy not only ensures a hassle free experience for your clients, it also ensures you get paid on time.

By using platforms like Bonsai you can streamline your invoicing and payment processing experience so that invoices are automatically created and sent based upon predefined dates while Stripe allows your client to pay via credit upfront or via subscription.

Once payment has been processed, you can then trigger follow up actions using Zapier to keep your client moving through your client journey.

Streamline Client Asset Collection

One of the most time consuming tasks of service delivery is the initial collection of client assets.

Depending upon your line of business, most industries can often involve the collection of multiple documents and assets so that you can deliver your service.

With platforms such as Content Snare, you can create, send, track and manage asset collection requests with your clients including providing clients with the ability for them to see which files they still need to submit making the process easy for everyone.

Make Meeting Scheduling a Hassle Free Experience

Depending upon where you and your clients are based, time zones, public holidays and conflicting schedules can often cause headaches for meeting scheduling.

Thanks to platforms like Acuity and Calendly, you can streamline your appointment scheduling process for you and your clients with tailored event booking pages that can be customised to suit your needs.

From automated follow up, to custom schedules based upon event types and redirection after an event is scheduled the sky’s the limit with your new scheduling sidekick.

Optimise Service Delivery Through Better Project Management

Depending upon the complexity of your business and services you provide, you may often have services that need to be managed through a project management platform to increase clarity across your team and also ensure each and every step of the project is completed.

Platforms Like Asana and ClickUp allow you to streamline your service delivery by creating project templates that can be used each and every time you sign a client.
You can then use platforms such as Make to trigger follow up actions once a task is completed to ensure your project keeps moving forward in a timely manner.

And there you go, an overview of how to streamline your client onboarding experience using automation as well as some of the leading platforms and workflows you can try out for yourself.

Ready to Automate Your Client Onboarding Process?

Feel free to explore the platforms mentioned above to see how they can assist you in automating your client onboarding process so that you can stand out from your competitors.