When it comes to scheduling appointments with leads, clients or other potential partners, finding a time that works for everyone can be a challenge.

From international time zones, to public holidays and flexible working hours this can often present a major headache for all parties.

Thankfully, with the help of an automated Appointment scheduling system you can streamline your scheduling process once and for all for you and your attendees.

To help make it easier for you, we’ve put together a detailed guide including answers for questions about automated Appointment scheduling as well as platform recommendations and workflow examples you can implement within your business easily saving you countless hours.

Let’s dive in!

Automate Appointment Scheduling

  • What is automated Appointment scheduling?
  • When should I use automated Appointment scheduling?
  • How much do automated Appointment scheduling platforms cost?
  • Can automated Appointment scheduling damage my reputation?
  • Automated Appointment scheduling benefits
  • Best automated Appointment scheduling platforms
  • Automated Appointment scheduling workflow examples

Common Questions About Automated Appointment Scheduling

What is Automated Appointment Scheduling?

  • Automated appointment scheduling is the process of streamlining your Appointment scheduling process through use of a SaaS Appointment scheduling platform.

When Should I Use Automated Appointment Qualification?

  • Automated Appointment scheduling can be used across your entire organisation including initial consultations with potential clients, regular meetings with current clients and more.

How Much Do Automated Appointment Scheduling Platforms Cost?

  • Depending upon which platforms you use and the feature you wish to make use of automated lead platforms can cost anywhere between $0 and $70 per month.

Can Automated Appointment Scheduling Damage My Reputation?

  • While automated appointment scheduling can streamline your scheduling process, providing your customers with the option to still freely contact you is essential for certain businesses, however, we recommend using a call routing or hiring a receptionist to manage this so that you and your team can focus on deep work.

Benefits of Automated Appointment Scheduling

  1. Provide your appointment attendees with a streamlined scheduling experience.
  2. Allow them to schedule a time that aligns with their schedule.
  3. Avoid confusion of public holidays and time zones with calendar synchronisation. 
  4. Reduce time of manual back and forth communication to find a time that works.
  5. Automate follow up communication and reminders upon scheduled appointments.

Best Automated Appointment Scheduling Platforms

Automated Appointment Scheduling Workflow Examples

Direct people to tailored event type pages for streamlined booking.

Depending upon the size and complexity of your business, you may have multiple appointment types that can be across different times, days or with limited availability.

With the help of an automated scheduling platform you can create tailored event type pages and then customise each event type based upon its specific requirements including questions for information required before the meeting, options on how they can schedule the meeting (location, time and dates) and even redirect them to tailored confirmation pages.

Schedule meetings with specific teams or individuals.

As your team grows and business changes, you may need to schedule appointments with different team members or as a group.

Automated scheduling platforms make this hassle free by allowing you to configure each event type’s allocation based on a number of criterias including a person’s availability, appointments with multiple team members or by making use of a round robin based option.

Streamlining event rescheduling and event cancellation.

With distributed teams and business done at a global scale, scheduled appointments can change at short notice.

However, being able to manage this via traditional methods can be a nightmare. Thankfully, with the help of an automated appointment scheduling platform you can make this process a breeze with all scheduled appointments including a link to reschedule or cancel if required.

Automate event reminders and post appointment follow ups.

With people leading busy lives than previous generations and digital distractions playing a constant challenge in our work and professional lives, appointments can slip people’s minds.

With an automated appointment scheduling platform you can create tailored reminders to be triggered at specific times and via specific channels (email, SMS etc) to reduce the risk of them missing the scheduled appointment.

Get a detailed overview of your appointment performance. 

Being able to get a better understanding of where you and your team’s time is going when it comes to meetings is critical to optimising your team’s productivity while also providing you with a better understanding of your customers needs.

Thankfully, most of the leading appointment scheduling platforms on the market offer detailed reporting features including an overview of total events scheduled, attended, cancelled while also providing you with insight into popular days and times so that you can make informed decisions about how to manage your time and resources.

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to streamline appointment scheduling through the use of an automated appointment scheduling platform as well as some proven examples you can implement within your business easily.

Ready to Automate Your Appointment Scheduling Process?

Feel free to explore the platforms mentioned above to see how they can assist you in streamlining your appointment scheduling to win back your time and your customers.